5 Indian Apps which are famous worldwide?

Whenever we hear about any application or apps we thought that it may from USA or China or from European countries but you will glad to know there are several apps present in the store which is made by Indian and they are famous worldwide. India have done a lot of things in various field and technology is not an exception. In this post we are going to discuss about 5 popular apps that are made by an Indian.


Paytm is second most popular apps to transfer money after Paypal. It has a huge subscriber base and in some days it can surpass Paypal which will be an incredible success for an Indian Start Up. It does not only cater large Indian audiences but also more than 16 countries. Paytm allows consumers to give online payments for everything including paying or receiving money, book a train or plane tickets, booking a cinema ticket. They are expanding their business in other sectors too and no doubt it is one of the most successful start up of India. Vijay Sharma hold the title of the youngest billionaire with the success of this app.


Signeasy is app by which you can sign in any document digitally from anywhere from the world. It is very much popular among the businessman who need not to travel thousand miles just to sign a signature. It is one of the most popular apps in ipads and iphones. It mostly caters the people outside India. It make the process of signing hassle free. You will happy to know this masterpiece apps has been made by an IITian and Ex Microsoft employee Sunil Patro who is Indian by origin. 

3.Hike messenger:

 Hike messenger is made by Bharti Softbank which is owned by Sunil Mittal. Mr. mittal also own airtel which have a large subscriber base not in India but outside of our country too. It is popular among Indians but more than 40% user base is outside India mainly in USA and European countries. It is basically a communication app which provide awesome stickers by which you can enjoy chats.  It also provide offline messages and free calling. It has a lot of features which are not present even in Whatsapp. 


Deepinder Goyal, Gunjan Patidarand Pankaj Chaddah founded this food tech giant in India In 2008. In 12 years they are now serving in 20 countries and lakhs of restaurants are connected via Zomato app. Through this app you can order foods from nearby hotels and restaurants. This is not only popular in India but also popular in  UK,TURKEY,NEW ZEALAND and other countries.


Shifu is an another masterpiece app created and developed by an Indian Prasant Singh. It basically help people in their work. It can do many functions as you give instruction. It helps to track your digital wellbeing and also end your procrastination. It will make your life easier by reminding your important works.

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