8 Interesting facts about Huawei

Whenever you hear about the company Huawei, you think about the mobile gadgets of this company. You will amaze to know that Huawei have their own university. You may not know this was the second highest mobile producing company in 2 years ago. But this company has been banned from the US from selling their… Read More »

Amazing facts about the company of NOKIA

In today discussion we are going to discuss about a company which is so much beloved by their country and country people that it give a huge percentage of GDP in their country. Even a huge percentage of population was involved in the particular  company in that country. You guess it right. We are talking… Read More »

7 interesting facts about the Japanese company SONY

If you hear about the company of sony, the picture comes in our mind that is expensive mobile, TV, refrigerator or other hardware technologies. There are a huge number of people who are loyal to this particular company. So the price does not matter to them. Even if same other company give the same feature… Read More »