10 Amazing Facts About Samsung

There will be very few household who will be found that he or she never encountered with Samsung products. This south Korean company made various things like phones, refrigerator, washing machine and what not. They are very popular in world. Today we are going to discuss about 10 interesting facts about this company which may …

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Interesting Facts About VIVO

As you already know that VIVO is one of the best selling mobile company in offline. But if you think you know everything about this company then in this article you will know some of the things and facts that you are not aware of. You may know that oppo, vivo, oneplus, realme all are …

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8 Interesting facts about Huawei

Whenever you hear about the company Huawei, you think about the mobile gadgets of this company. You will amaze to know that Huawei have their own university. You may not know this was the second highest mobile producing company in 2 years ago. But this company has been banned from the US from selling their …

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