10 Amazing Facts About IPHONE – The Most Expensive Phones

If we hear about iphone we know that we are talking about the one of the most beloved company of the world. Even in a recent survey it is found that there is a huge investment of Warren Buffet in the Apple market. So you can understand this company’s value will not go down easily. … Read more

Top 3 brokers of India who offer 3 in 1 account

If you want to buy or sell share you need three type of accounts. At first you need a savings account from where you can withdraw or deposit money. The second account is demat account where you will store your share or equity. The third type of account is trading account. It is the trading … Read more

Top 3 Full Service Brokers of Share Market in India

After the budget, the rate of share market is up to sky high as the finance minister proposals seem to make market sustainability for longer time. Both the Nifty and Sensex goes up. At this point many people who want to invest in share market they are trying to find how to invest in share … Read more

7 interesting facts about the Japanese company SONY

If you hear about the company of sony, the picture comes in our mind that is expensive mobile, TV, refrigerator or other hardware technologies. There are a huge number of people who are loyal to this particular company. So the price does not matter to them. Even if same other company give the same feature … Read more

BSE or NSE, Which exchange is better for you?

If you want to trade any commodity you need a market. Same goes for equity or shares. There must be some place where trade can happen. For trading of shares there are two options of Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.  So today we are going to discuss about the two most famous exchange … Read more

10 Amazing Facts About Samsung

There will be very few household who will be found that he or she never encountered with Samsung products. This south Korean company made various things like phones, refrigerator, washing machine and what not. They are very popular in world. Today we are going to discuss about 10 interesting facts about this company which may … Read more

Interesting Facts About VIVO

As you already know that VIVO is one of the best selling mobile company in offline. But if you think you know everything about this company then in this article you will know some of the things and facts that you are not aware of. You may know that oppo, vivo, oneplus, realme all are … Read more

Top 7 Interesting facts about MICROMAX

In some days you may hear about the insane comeback of the Micromax company. This Indian company once become one of the top 10 mobile brands and they even start to challenge company like apple or Samsung. They were out of the smartphone maker race when some other Chinese companies gave more value of price … Read more

Amazing facts about REALME – Know about Realme

Whenever we hear about the REALME company we thought that it was introduced in recent years. It was started as a sub brand of oppo in 2018 in India but It was 2010 when first oppo make a company named realme which start making smartphone.  But it is also right that realme got popularity in … Read more

8 Interesting facts about Huawei

Whenever you hear about the company Huawei, you think about the mobile gadgets of this company. You will amaze to know that Huawei have their own university. You may not know this was the second highest mobile producing company in 2 years ago. But this company has been banned from the US from selling their … Read more

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