10 Amazing Facts About Samsung

There will be very few household who will be found that he or she never encountered with Samsung products. This south Korean company made various things like phones, refrigerator, washing machine and what not. They are very popular in world. Today we are going to discuss about 10 interesting facts about this company which may you never heard of.


If you think that Samsung only build electronic gadgets then you are wrong. They have done a huge in the building of the worlds. In fact the tallest building in Earth Burz khallifa was also made by Samsung. Not only that the second and third most tallest building also made by this Korean company.

  • Luxuary Phone

If you think only Iphone make costlier phone than you are wrong. They made Samsung gold thinking of the businessman of the world. The phone was  cost more than 1000 $ in the market.

  • Samsung First

If you think that iphone was the first who create touch screen then also you are not right. It was the Samsung company who made the first touchscreen by which you can send email and many other things. 

  • TV maker Leader

In case of making tv , this Korean company leads everywhere. It is found that this is one of the highest selling tv company in the world. In a report it is found that 25 % of the whole tv selling is of this company. By which you will found that how much their tv is loved by the audience.

  • Mobile Parts

Samsung not only make the phones, they also make various parts of phone and sell that to the other companies. Even company like iphone buy retina display from this company to use in their mobile. Various other companies uses camera and other hardwares from this particular company. It is assumed that in every mobile there is some parts which is associated with Samsung.

  • Android Offer

Android was offered to Samsung to buy. But they refused to buy that that time. After that google buy this. But we all know now how android get popular now. So you can assume that Samsung lost a great offer.

  • Disable Radio:

Their was a option of radio in every Samsung mobile. But they usually disbled it. It was done because the company wants that more data should use in music streaming and other fields.

  • No rooting

There are many tech savy people who often root the mobile. But Samsung s5 mobile was so tough to root that they announce if one can hack that they will give 18000 $ to him.

  • Most patent in the world:

It was told that Samsung has the highest patent in the whole world. They are patenting new technologies every day which is unthinkable for any other company.

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  • Samsung Town:

In 1938 when Samsung was established in korea that was not that much of popular. But when the time passes it get so much popular that in the capital city of south korea there is a particular area which is known as Samsung town.

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