Amazing facts about the company of NOKIA

In today discussion we are going to discuss about a company which is so much beloved by their country and country people that it give a huge percentage of GDP in their country. Even a huge percentage of population was involved in the particular  company in that country. You guess it right. We are talking about NOKIA. In this article we are going to discuss about 10 interesting and amazing facts this company which you may never heard of.

  • Owner of Nokia

You will surprised to know that nokia is not a own company. It is a part of HMD company which also headquarter in Finland opposite of the nokia company building.

  • Naming of Nokia

You will be surprised to know that the name Nokia came from a city. Yes, there is a city called NOKIA in Finland. And more interesting fact that city name also came from a river present in their country.

  • First touchscreen

You will amazed to know that nokia start producing touchphone in 2004 when very company of the world were making smartphones. The name of the phone is Nokia 7710.

  • First smartphone of NOKIA

1996 nokia made their first smartphone which name was NOKIA 900 communicator. It is the first phone in the history which was able to send email. Earlier it was only computer by which mail can be send.

  • Snake Game

There are very few people in earth who did not play snake games in the nokia handset. Nokia 6110 which was launched in 1997 was the first phone where this game was included. This is the most played games in mobiles. It has also make world record as more than 100 crore people of earth played this game.

  • Most sellout Phone

In 2003 a mobile was launched which name was nokia 1100. Many of the people use this phone as their first phone. It is estimated that more than 250 million phones were sold. Thus this NOKIA 1100 become the highest selling phone ever in global market.

  • Sky touching Market Share

You will be amazed to know that in the year 2007, nokia has the share of 50% of all selling phones. So you can understand the popularity of this particular phone company around the world. Though they did not kept the market for long and they lost most of the market share when iphone and Samsung came along with their easy use touch screen mobile. Still today people use the nokia phone if they use feature phone.

  • More fast phone

While other phone take almost 20 second to boot and on the device but in case of NOKIA 3310, that time it only take 8 second to start which means it have better processor than other devices.

  • Nokia’s First Product

You will be shocked to know that nokia earlier sell products like shoes, tyres and even tv. They entered in the mobile phone market after so many years of their foundation.

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  • One strange lover

There is a people in UK who buy a Nokia 3310 in 2020 and he still used it. When he was asked why he is not upgrading his phone he told that his that phone was doing well till now and he did not care about latest technology phones.

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