8 interesting things about the company LENOVO

When you hear the name of Lenovo you think of quite amazing laptops and mobiles. They are one of the largest manufacturers of computers in the entire world. This company is founded in Beijing in 1984 but it was transferred their company in hongkong in 1988. They entered in mobile phone market in 2012. They even acquired one of the competitor company which is Motorola. We will discuss about 10 interesting facts about this Chinese company which you may never heard of. So here it is-


  • Agreement with Microsoft

In 1997 Lenovo make a deal with Microsoft which was the highest deal then in the market. Microsoft want to explore the market of china where the govt did not allow other companies to extend easily. On the other hand Lenovo want to make their presence in the world. So they need big name who can give the opportunity. So in this deal both the company get benefitted. 

  • Rebranding their name:

Their old name was tough to pronounce and not attractive Legend, so they change their name into Lenovo in which leno means legend and Novo means new. They spend a whooping amount of 30 million dollars to advertisement for the promotion of the new name.

  • Buying IBM

Lenovo  buy one of the biggest computer making company IBM and thus become world 3 rd highest PC selling company in very few time. They now compete with dell and HP to securing the place.

  • Huge drop in share in 2016

In 2016, Lenovo suffered its first lost in their company. They even get lose from their highest selling area of selling PC. Their share price dropped by 67 % at that time by which they loss huge in the market. 

  • Installing Malware

This company was accused by the tech experts that they installed a malware ‘superfish” in their device by which they got the personal information and even bank account details of the customer. When it get noticed they defined it by that they are wanting to give better experience in shopping. Later after getting huge controversy they stop installing but who already got installed one had nothing to do.

  • New Logo

In Lenovo they feel their logo and the slogans are quite boring. So they decided that they have to change it. So in 2015 they make a geometric logo and slogan ‘innovation never stand still. The logo can be changed in background.

  • Making a guiness world record

With partnership of a American company this company make a world record by collecting highest number of toys in 24 hours period. They collected 50 thousand pounds of toy in that period which was gifted to children.

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  • Kind CEO

The CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanqing donates his 3 million $ annual bonus to his employees every year. It is given to the amount to the employee in the company. But is his successor did the same? No even they cut the salary of the employee of the company

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