Top 3 brokers of India who offer 3 in 1 account

If you want to buy or sell share you need three type of accounts. At first you need a savings account from where you can withdraw or deposit money. The second account is demat account where you will store your share or equity. The third type of account is trading account. It is the trading account by which you will trade the share means you can sell or buy share through the trading account.

It is not mandatory to keep your 3 account in same place. In fact you can choose three different partners to open this 3 different account. Thus also you can link this three. But it is not recommended as it can create some problems. Generally demat and trading account was bundled with same broker and saving account can only by done with banks.

But fortunately there are several banks who have their own brokerage site where they can offer this three account in same time. By this you can easily link this three account and share seamlessly. There are several nationalised and private banks who offer this.

In this article we will discuss about the top 3 brokers who can give you 3 in 1 account.

  • ICICI Bank

ICICI bank is one of the largest full service broker who provide 3 in 1 account. They even offer some reduction of price if you open a 3 in 1 account. They have high rating and you can easily trade various shares from BSE and NSE. They have their own mobile apps where you can manage three account at the same time.  


This popular bank also offer 3 in 1 account where you will get savings account, demat account and trading account in same time. It provide very user friendly app where you can manage three accounts very easily. They also have option where their representative will contact or even come to your house to register. You can complete this process in online too in few minutes. 


This nationalised bank also offer 3 in 1 account but they have little bit higher charges as their brokerage. But as this bank have a lot of customer they have this bank over any other broker. People usually have a savings account with the bank. It is recommended to those people that they can choose this broker to open their account very easily. Their you need only one  YONO app  to handle all the three account.

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There is no problem if you have a savings account with one bank and two other account with a broker. But if you need a very user friendly broker and need tips and recommendation to buy equity then you can prefer this full service broker who can give you 3 in 1 account. But it may seem costly then other. But if you are new and concern your money the most you can choose any of this three broker to open a account. You also can go to the branch of these banks and negotiate the rate. Sometimes they offer some great discount in charges and brokerage which will be very beneficial to you.

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