Interesting Facts About VIVO

As you already know that VIVO is one of the best selling mobile company in offline. But if you think you know everything about this company then in this article you will know some of the things and facts that you are not aware of. You may know that oppo, vivo, oneplus, realme all are under a single Chinese company BBK electronics, but there are many more interesting facts about this vivo company which we will discuss in today’s article.

  • Vivo was founded in 2009 and it was founded just for sake that they can sell phone simultenously with the oppo. They focused that there vivo phone will be music centric. Even you watch their advertisement you will find that they are adding HiFi audio chip in their model vivo x1 which was released in 2012.
  • Vivo was the first smartphone company who gave 2k display in mobile screen in the wolrd. The name of the set was Vivo X play 3S which was released in 2013.
  • Vivo entered in the indian market in 2014 and in next year they sponsored the most prestigious and popular game even of India which is Indian Premier league. They have their deal with IPL till 2023. Though in the time of 2020, India- China clash the title was given to Byju but Vivo comeback next year 2021 as the title sponsor of IPL.
  • In the popular  marvel movie ‘Civil War’ all the character including Iron- Man ,Captain America used the phone of VIVO. No need to mention that they do it for the promotion of their brand worldwide. 
  • Vivo sponsored a lot of sport event in the world. They sponsored pro kabaddi league, football world club and Chinese basketball league and many more. They spend their most of their advertisement money in the sports league of the world.
  • Vivo was the first company in the world who invented in-display fingerprint scanner. The device which show the first in-display fingerprint was Vivo X21 UD. This phone also used piezoelectric effects used to produce and receive ultrasonic signals. 
  • Their model Vivo X 23 was the first mobile where they introduced jobby which work similarly as google assistant. They also improve their in display fingerprint feature in this mobile.
  • Vivo was the first one to introduce pop-up camera  in their mobile. The set was Vivo nexus in which first pop up camera arrived.
  • Vivo have 30000 square foot production facility in Greater Noida where they make their smartphones in the campaign under ‘Make In India’. Itt was the seventh big area where Vivo make their smartphone. Obviously in the China they have the highest production capability factory.
  • They mainly focus in offline market in India first but in 5 years they become one of the biggest company to sell their products. They have their expanding market over 100 countries. 
  • They have shown a proto type of mobile where will be no punch hole or any bezzles and even there will no port in the mobile. This unibody apex mobile was not released in the market yet but it will be interesting to watch such mobile in upcoming days.

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