Top 5 Unknown Stock Exchanges of India

If anyone want to trade share they have to know about the platform where they can trade. For this there are stock exchanges in India. But you will surprise to know there are stock exchange in India. You probably know the BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). But in this article we are going to discuss about three unknown or for better word lesser known stock exchanges of India where you can trade shares or equity. Here it goes-

  • CSE (Calcutta Stock Exchange)

CSE Or Calcutta Stock Exchange is one of the oldest stock Exchange in India. In 1908 it was established by the british government. It was started under a neem tree and gradually later it was transferred into lyons range in Kolkata. In 2012 when SEBI announced strict rules and regulation for the stock exchanges, unfortunately it couldnot comply with the policy. So they have to exit from SEBI by which they have little investor to trade. Till date it is trying to comeback under SEBI.

  • MSEI ( Metropoliton Stock Exchange of India)

It is in the only exchanges in India where individual traders like you and me can trade with our own money diresctly. It comply with the rules and regulation under SEBI. You can trade in capital market, Futures and Options, currency derivatives and debt market segments here. Various banks like Axis bank, Bank Of India, HDFC Bank are the shareholders in MSEI. 

  • NCDEX ( National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange)  

In the name of itself you can guess right this is the platform where commodities and Derivatives can exchange. It have an independent board but also public limited company. About 848 members and 20 lakhs of client they have. Same like BSE and NSE, in Mumbai they have their headquarters.

  • MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India)

In the multi commodity exchange of india you can trade on metal, bullion, Agro Commodities and Energy commodity. This largest commodity exchange is situated in Mumbai. In the amont of trade in commodity it was among the top commodity exchange in world. SEBI have given the guidelines to trade in mutual fund and derivatives in may 2019. It was also first publicly listed exchange and give first ever IPO in market.  The average daily turnover of this exchange crosses 24000 crore rupees.

  • ICEX (Indian Commodity Exchange)

It is a nation wide trading platform for commodity and derivative. This exchange is make such way bu which it can leverage the huge potential of commodities market and encourage participation of users to benefit from the opportunities of hedging, risk management and supply chain management in the commodities market. It was founded recently in Navi Mumbai in 2017. At present they have around 2000 staffs and it is backed by reliance, IDFC bank and several other companies.

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Conclusion: Some people always fascinated to invest in lesser known stocks, companies and exchange. Indeed some company among them gave great return but risk amount also increased in lesser known exchange. So especially for the individual traders it is recommended that they should start their trading in BSE or NSE. But at the same time you should aware of all stock exchange of India and invest in the platform where you feel that you will get higher returns.

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