8 Facts about Xiaomi Company – Budget King of India

This Chinese company is getting huge rise recent years. At present they have presence in about 90 countries. They have a crazy record that they open 1000 stores in a single day. In this article we are going to discuss 10 interesting facts about this company which may be unknown to you.

  • Naming:

The actual meaning of Xiomi is little rice. It means a company where they started are very small enterprises then it grow as a big company. Their short logo MI is named after mobile and internet. If you flip the logo of xiomi it will become heart in Chinese dymbol of heart.

  • Community

They have a huge community of customers. They arrange quize for their loyal followers. They invited their customers in office to celebrate Christmas which may seem unrealistic in other companies. They even do some social work like cleaning the street in Taiwan after Cyclone.


There is an particular festival for the followers of the company. In that time many new products launch, the prices of existing phones get lower and many interesting things happen. It is totally online and about 98 million people join this last year and that’s only in one country.

  • China Centric

Though they have a global presence but still they prefer their own country over other countries. They have separate launch events and some of their products is only available in this country itself. It is like religion in china but they have less important in other countries.

  • Collaboration with Nokia

Though they have a huge market but to step into European country they deal with nokia. The main fact is that Asian country people like the beauty plus effect of the company but in case of Europe they did not like the filter. So to improve the camera they set up a factory in Finland where they can get the facility to make better cameras from Nokia’s employee.

  • Overthrown other companies

In india last 6 years this company get crazy growth. They thrown every indian company to dominate the market by value of their product. They only take 2 $ profit for every phone which is quite lower than every other companies. Any other company cant give so much of facility in such low price. They earn a lot by the advertisement and bloatwares which can be shown in every company.

  • Crazy Invention

When it start as a company it was not a mobile company but a software company. But they find that android user interface is boring so they try to innovate a new UI which will be loved by all. They make many crazy phones like triple fold which never launch. They make crazy bicycles, trimmer, vaccum cleaner and many other gadgets.

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There is an proven allegation that xiomi copy the iphone style and features. Not only they copy their phone style, they copy their mac book, earpod and many other instruments. They even copy in the retail store like Apple. That’s why they did not enter in American market as there law is strict and they have to give huge fine if found copying.

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