Top 7 Interesting facts about MICROMAX

In some days you may hear about the insane comeback of the Micromax company. This Indian company once become one of the top 10 mobile brands and they even start to challenge company like apple or Samsung. They were out of the smartphone maker race when some other Chinese companies gave more value of price phone than the Micromax company.

Micormax Smartphines
Micormax Smartphones

But after the India- China clash this company rise again with their some outstanding middle range phones. They also claimed that they are not using any Chinese products or instruments making their phone and eventually they will make phone which will be entirely of India. Actually they are pushing India’s govt scheme of self-reliance to promote their phone. In this article we are going to discuss about 7 interesting facts about this particular company of our country.

  • First smartphone

The first smartphone of Micromax was Android A60 which was launched in 2010. This mobile came only in 7000 rupees and it offer 2.1 android version layer, 2.8 inch touch screen display, 3.2 MP camera, 15 mb internal memory. This mobile got so much success that it gave tough competition to the brands like Apple or Samsung. 

  • Hollywood brand Ambassador

This Indian company hire a famous Hollywood actor to promote their phone at that time which is considered a huge prestigious in that time. The main hero of X- man was involved in the promotion of the phone Canvas silver 5 .

  • Lightest phone of world

Micromax was the first company in the world who possess to award to make the lightest touch screen of that time. The mobile was made with the help of modu company and also had 5 MP camera on it. But unfortunately this phone turns out a super flob for both of the company.

  • Expand in USA

This Indian company thought to make their market in the USA. So one can imagine how much they have gained their legacy that time. But at the same time xiomi and other company arrive in India and eventually Micromax lost their legacy in India itself.

  • Fight with OnePlus

As the Micromax dealt with Cyanogen that only Micromax will use their OS but Chinese Mobile Company One Plus also used same OS was launched in India too. Then Micromax take legal action and eventually oneplus have to call off their deal with Cyanogen.

  • CEO catfight

There was some problem created between the two big giant airtel and Micromax that airtel have to terminated their CEO sanjay Kapoor. But sanjay Kapoor did not accept his any fault. Rather he went to court and eventually Micromax have to pay huge compensation to the ex CEO of Airtel for their misdeed.

  • Founder of Micromax

As we know that Micromax is an Indian company and it was established by Rahul Sharma. Rahul Sharma was a B.Tech of Electric Engineering from a reputed University of Canada.


 As Micromax is launching some amazing phones in very low price we as an Indian, hope that this company will get its proper due in the upcoming days.

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