5 Smartphones that fail in Market

We have seen such historical and revolutionary smartphones history which eventually change our lifestyles. But we can`t ignore that there are also many smartphones which eventually fail in market and even lose the trust from market. A lot of companies have to shut down the production of these phones and some of companies even shut down themselves on paying the cost of failing.

In this post we are going to discuss about 5 smartphones that are truly disappointed and fail in the market.


The champion of failing in market can be given to Samsung galaxy note 7. A number of battery issues are found in the phone and several phones are even burst. Some of them are seen in online videos too. The second and most horrible things is that they even replaced the phone when they found such conditions but eventually same battery issue have been found in that device too. Samsung have to pay a huge price by losing the trust by putting the customer in risk and done mistaken twice.


Two tech giant HTC and Facebook had collaborated together to make a new type of phone which is not based on android but on facebook home screen. They invested a lot but they did not get success though they are offering such new look. The main reason behind it that there features are not exclusive and they can be downloaded in other phones which have better hardware than this phone.

They have a unique way to show the notifications to the home screen but they did it so poorly that they eventually failed to grab customers and they stop manufacturing these phones.


When every smartphone manufacturing companies were working on the specifications this vertu company want to do something unique. They eventually make a phone which is very astonishing in look by adding components like Gold. They make phones which cost more than 50000 dollars. After this also a lot of customers showed their interest to buy their products.

But they are so busy in designing the phones they did not give attention to the software. So even in high prices phone lack high end feature so eventually customers lost their interest in this phones.


This was a smartphone which was described by worst phone ever by some critics. They have similar look IOS system and it have good messaging feature. But the customer experience with this phone is quite awful they seems like the non smartphone version of blackberry and they are not polished like iphones.


You must hear about the freedom phone by bringing bells company who announced they will sold their smartphones on only 4 $ which is lowest in the world. There advertisements goes this much hype they gor about 50 Million registrations for this mobile.

But some experts showed their doubt by telling even the lowest range of component used mobile will cost about 15 $, so how can a company make phones in such low price. Eventually critics were right as the owners can`t deliver their phones and even got arrested for giving threats to one of their first customer.

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