8 Facts about One Plus – India’s Top Premium Smartphone company

Though One plus is a sub company of BBK company who also owns oppo, vivo, realme but this one plus company get world wise famous. It is especially a mid range mobile phone which is accepted by numerous people in the world. They have a loyal customer base and they are very connected to this company. Today in this article we are going to discuss 8 amazing and interesting facts about one plus which you may never hear before. So here it is

  • Smash The Past:

We know that one plus one is the first ever phone by the company. But they take an amazing concept by which people have to smash their old phone and make that a video and send to the company. If they did so they will be given a new one plus one mobile in just 1$. Though many people start broking their phone even before the contest start which seems as a little controversy that time.

  • Ban in India:

When one plus came to india they got ban from selling mobile. It is happen because they came with the cyanogen os but cyanozen has a deal with Micromax that no other company can sell their mobile with same OS in India. Later one plus address the issue and separate themselves from cyanogen. Then they start their own OS named Oxygen OS.

  • One Plus Updates

There was a huge controversy in one plus 2 phone where they promised they will give two big software updates so it is expected that they will give marshmello and naugart update. But after so many controversy they only gave marshmello updates and later in 2017 they announced they will not give any updates. 

  • Invite system

When the company first start they did an another special system to buy a phone. As they did not know how much quantity is needed in the market so they start a policy where people have to register and after that they will get a invite and thus they can purchase the phones. But as it get so much popular and many people were not able to buy for this process, so they discontinued this process when one plus 3 launched.

  • VR launch

One plus 2 is the first phone which is launched in virtual reality system. For this they make card board of headset and distributed free among their customers. They launched this phone when people were watching in VR


In any other phone, if you root the phone then you validity is not remain. But it is not the case in one plus. One can easily root the phone and they still have their validity. It is very usable for the tech savy people.

  • Highest Unboxiing Event

Thousands of people in Mumbai join in a place and they unbox a new one plus phone. This become a record that at a same time thousands  of people unboxed the same phone.

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  • Other products:

It is not known to the market but one plus make powerbank and mini drone camera. But it did not get the hype it wanted. So eventually it become vanish of other products from market.

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