Top 3 Full Service Brokers of Share Market in India

After the budget, the rate of share market is up to sky high as the finance minister proposals seem to make market sustainability for longer time. Both the Nifty and Sensex goes up. At this point many people who want to invest in share market they are trying to find how to invest in share market. Most of them did not hear about full service broker and discount brokers. In this article we will discuss about the top 3 full service brokers of India. Alongside we will discuss about the pros and cons of the full service brokers.

Top 3 Full Service Brokers of Share Market in India
Top 3 Full Service Brokers of Share Market in India

First of all we need to know about full time brokers. They are the brokers where not only you can trade but you can also get many add on services. You can get share recommendations, trade on call, offline services. Some of the full service brokers offer 3 in 1 account where you get savings, demat and trading account in one login. 

In this article we will discuss about three full sevice brokers in term of numbers. So the list goes like this-

  • ICICI Direct

In term of customer numbers ICICI Direct have the highest number of customer. In latest report they have 12,89,023 active customers.  They are part of ICICI group which is one of the top financial service provider in India. You can get online Equity Trading, Mutual fund and IPO, Fixed Deposit, Loan Against Securities and many other service just in one log in. It have the option to open 3 in 1 account opening by which one can open savings, demat and trading account by which customer can use hassle free settlements.


Angel Broking is a good option for trading in India. They have the second highest customer based full service brokers. They have 110 branches and 11000 sub broker offices in 2000 cities. They charge very low brokerage plus equity delivery is free in this company. They have Angel Broking App by which you can trade of shares in your mobile. The main positive side of this broker is that it offer ultra low brokerage charge and they did not charge for fund transfer. It have one drawback it did not offer 3 in 1 account.

  • HDFC Securities

This is part of HDFC group which provide you the facility of Equity Trading. As HDFC group have their own bank so you can seamlessly moved shares from the linked bank account to trade shares. They are listed both in BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE and NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE.

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It also offer of opening 3 in 1 account by which you can open savings, demat and trading account easily and trade shares very easily. They provide the option where you can call and trade. They have multiple platforms where you can from web to app. One drawback of the HDFC securities is that they have high brokerage then other full service brokers. Their minimum brokerage charge is 25 rs which is higher than any normal broker.

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