5 Reasons Why Duckduckgo is better than Google search?

For years we use the world googling for the actual term searching. By which we can know how much google search engine is popular among all. There is no doubt that google search engine can do cool things and it makes our life much easier but at present we could not deny the fact there are some shortcomings in google.

If one person start typing global warming, the results will appear one thing and other results may appear to his friend at same time. This is happening because google give personalize results which depend on previous site visiting result.

But if we are digging for knowledge and various results came for same search in different person that will be problematic and it happens to google search. So nowadays people are searching for a better alternative than google.

Duckduckgo satisfy all the shortcomings of google and give similar data for every people. In this post we are going to discuss 5 reasons why duckduckgo is better than google search?


As previously mentioned google collect lots of data from consumers to give personalize data for every other person. But it is not case in case of duckduckgo. They known for giving extra security as they are not collecting data from the consumers.

Less advertisement:

If you search anything on any apps you will see advertisements popping up in other apps, so you can understand how much data can be used by google. But in case of duckduckgo they show advertisements but that depend on your search but not on you. There are comparatively less adds on duckduckgo and the adds are not tracking you which is a real big factor.

Social Media search:

You can see the social media profiles without leaving the search engine. It also let you search inside another sites. There is a cool feature by which when you enter ! this a lot of shortcut apps can come out. You can search any apps and you will find from where you can download and details about the app.

Stopwatch and Change cases:

Though google and duckduckgo both have timer but duckduckgo also has a stopwatch in it. You can easily uppercase or lowercase any sentence by typing these two. You also can check if a particular websites is down for you or for all by searching “is wikipedia sites down for me?

Calender and Loan Calculator:

Google and duckduckgo both has the calender but duckduckgo has some unique features like supporting calendar as an instant answer. You also can check up any date by searching “ calender October 1996” and it will show the calendar of particular month. You can easily calculate your loan by simple search as it can easily calculate loan amount at interest. If you type “ loan 100000 at 6% with 10% down for 15 years?” and you will get the instant answer which feature is not available in google search.

Final Thoughts:

There is a long way to go when duckduckgo will be used in same amount as google. But duckduckgo certainly has some cool features which will make it a better alternative of google in one day.

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