Top 3 new ‘Made in India’ Games

Though India have a high market of gaming and there are so much talented game developers in India but there are not many Indian games available which is worldwide popular. There are several reasons behind it. First of all gaming industry came later in India while USA and European Countries company start their market earlier. So there is an obvious first mover advantage of that.

India was loving several games like PUBG, Candy Crush or temple run like games. But after the ban of most popular games PUBG there is huge gap in market where some indian company to fulfil it. In this article we are going to discuss about 4 such games which is made in india and have potential to be popular among the Indians and other countries too. 

  • FAUG

An Indian Gaming developer company named nCore games developed this game. It is endorsed by popular celebrities like akshay kumar. After the banning of PUBG games there is a void where action games can be played in mobile phone. There are several other games which is similar still there are huge void in the market.

To fulfil this Bengaluru based Indian company developed this game. It was launched in the republic day of India. This games is based on Galwan Valley where one army have to clear all his enemies. Guns are not included yet but there may be update very soon where different guns will be available.

  • RAJI

An Pune based gaming company Nodding Head Games developed this game which is released in 15 October. It is still now a computer based games. There is a flavour of Indian mythology like Mahabharata and Ramayana in this Game. In this game there is a task. Raji is a girl and her brother Golu is kidnapped by some Gadasur demons. Now Raji have to go long ways to find her brother. In the way she will get many weapons by various deities. 

This game is getting famous day by day as it have higher graphics and beautiful scenrios. Even the voiceback is praised by many people. 


In the lockdown period everyone have definitely played this game. This game get a huge popularity in the lockdown time. Millions of people downloaded it and played with their friends. Ludo is always a popular games in India. By making it available online a huge potential customer they already have. It is an Indian based companies who developed this game.

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  • Conclusion:

    As the gaming industry is now booming there is a huge potential. But developing an entire game is not an easy task. So we should not expect this games will be world class for the very first time. We have to give time to the companies so that they can invest and give us some extraordinary games in future which not only change the scene of Indian Gaming Market but also create a big business market all over the world in upcoming days.

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