7 interesting facts about the Japanese company SONY

If you hear about the company of sony, the picture comes in our mind that is expensive mobile, TV, refrigerator or other hardware technologies. There are a huge number of people who are loyal to this particular company. So the price does not matter to them. Even if same other company give the same feature in less money they still prefer this company’s product. So in today article we will be discussing about 7 interest facts about this SONY company which you may never heard of.

Sony Prodicts
Sony Prodicts

So here are the facts about the company-

  • X Ray camera

In 1998 Sony release a camera which become so controversial. They invented such a camera which is infra-red supportive means if someone in dark place can also get beautiful features. But it seems that it’s camera is so powerful that  it can even capture the picture behind the cloths in dark area. So people get very angry about it. When sony noticed it they stopped their selling but already lakhs of camera have been sold in the market.

  • Play station 2

In 2002 Dan Holmes, who love the play station too much, he changed his name legally playstation 2. It is such a amzing story how mad people can be on a video games that he even change his name.

  • Earphone in the water bottle

It is also an amazing story. When sony release a earphone which is waterproof they are so desparate to showcase its authenticity that they decided to sell the earphones in a water bottle. Yes you heard right. They put the earphone in water-bottle and send to the customers.

  • First 4K phone

In movies we watch in 4k mode. But sony thought to give it in a smartphone. By this they become first company ever in the world which provide 4K display in their phone. The phone was named as Sony Xperia Z 5 Premium. It is so surprising that even 4 k tv was not that popular that time but sony decided to give 4k display in their flagship phone

  • SONY Hiring

When sony release their first audio recorder, an opera student complained that the audio quality is not that good and pointed out some of them. It was not just accepted by the company but they also decided to hire that student so that they can improve their gadgets.

  • Rice Cooker

You will fascinated to know that the first product sony make for their consumer was rice cooker. But their that invention was not that good. It was complained that their cooker sometime overcook rice and sometime half cooks. So it is good for us that they change their products from rice cooker to higher technology oriented products.

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  • Naming of sony

This japan company name was  kabushiki. But this name was quite difficult to pronunciation in America. So the founder changes their name to Sony which means sound as they sell tape recorder that time in the USA.

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