8 Interesting facts about Huawei

Whenever you hear about the company Huawei, you think about the mobile gadgets of this company. You will amaze to know that Huawei have their own university. You may not know this was the second highest mobile producing company in 2 years ago. But this company has been banned from the US from selling their phone. So they focused mainly in Asian market and African market. So in this article we are going to discuss 10 interesting facts about this Chinese company who have a huge capital and potential to expand more in the future.

  • Huge campus:

This company have a huge campus in china for its employees. It is so large that it is divided in 12 separated towns. Every towns it designed as a European city. The full tour will take around 25 minutes in tram. There have a secretive zone where they done their secretive work.

  • Separate brand

If you know little about this company you will found that it have two separate brand. One is Huawei and other is Honor. So you might think why should a single company will make two brands. Actually its Huawei brand is for the rich, orthodox people of the society where they need premium range of phone of high value. Their honor brand was only for the young people who need excellent feature and price value in the products.

  • Smart Glass

They made a smart glass where one can hear music. Where one can get noise cancellation feature and some other techniques. So it is very fascinating they make some good innovative products already.

  • China Oriented 

This company is hugely focused on China not only in founding customers but also they have more than 100 thousands employee in the country. It is the company by which china show their innovative thinking to the world most. They have a huge contribution in china’s economy that it have the potential to even break the country’s large economy.

  • Interesting founder 

Ren Zhengfei who invented the company have only 1.14 % stake in the entire company. Still he is one of the richest people in china. Surprisingly he has very fond of I-Phone. He told in several interviews that he bought iphone for his family. 

  • Ban for 5G plans

In the recent controversy you may heard that Huawei has been banned form making 5G infrastructure from various country. Those govt. have risen some network and privacy issue regarding it. 

  • Capturing moon picture

They launched a phone where they give the feature to zoom 50 time of a picture. They actually told that one can capture clear moon picture through it. But a scientist claimed that they gave wrong information, actually they photoshop to give the picture like moon. 

  • Own ecosystem

Huawei is very aware that there may be more ban and controversy of their mobile so they are deciding to build their own ecosystem where nnot only the hardware they will also build their own chipset. For this purposes they invested highest in the research and development fund than any other company there in the market.

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